auDA geared up for the launch of .au domain names

In a previous post, we talked about the launch of the new TLD: .au. Earlier, only third level .au domain names such,, etc. However, from 24th March you can avail your second level .au domain names such as

Now, as the time of the launch gets closer, auDA has launched a new national marketing campaign. auDA stands for Australian Domain Authority and manages the .au extension. The campaign’s torchbearer is its Tag line, “What will .au change for you”?

The statement asks the reader a question that shows him the possibilities of a .au domain name. The campaign also features different domain names with a nice Australian twist. The domain names contain terms that have a different general meaning than that of an Australian one. As for example, take the case of Gummy. Gummy for most people means a toffee. However to the Australians it means a Shark. Thus the domain name would likely be associated with sharks instead of a toffee. The campaign features other domain names like and Stoked generally means a good fire while to Australians it means you have achieved something or are excited. Similarly, Pavlova usually refers to a ballerina however to Australians it is a desert.

The campaign must be appreciated for its smartness and preciseness. The domain name .au is meant for Australians and should evoke a feeling of Australianness. The campaign in a very subtle way presents the uniqueness of Australians. Thus the campaign instills in the mind of people that .au is synonymous with one’s relation, identity and pride with the country.


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