Anonymous attacks Epik, leaks vast amount of data

As of 17/09/2021

Anonymous, the Hacktivists known for hacking big guns of the world, have claimed yet another victim. The new prey to the decentralized, self-proclaimed vigilantes is the domain registrar and web hosting company epik

epik has been known for its outspoken support for the far right political platforms. It has been popular for providing services to platforms that have been denied hosting by other companies. Parler is a good example of that. After the Capitol riots, Parler came under heavy scrutiny for providing a platform for the far right, the claims which the company has denied. However, it was ousted by Amazon Web Services soon after that. It was epik who had come to support Parler then. epik has also lent its hand to platforms like Gab and 4chan.

It was because of these reasons that Anonymous attacked epik. The hacker group leaked the company’s internal information of 10 years. The exact figure of the dataset has been estimated to be around 180 GB. The group has even uploaded the file as a torrent. Thus the information is available to  anyone who is interested in seeing. 

This is one of the numerous hacks by the groups. It has already targeted the likes of PayPal, Sony and MasterCard. Recently, it released a video threatening Elon Musk.


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