A domain name that ‘warns’ you about classic novels

Books are rightly called the best friends one can have. One cannot stop and wonder about how these books can create such worlds full of colors, people and emotions so beautifully and intricately. In that temptation, for those worlds, one keeps coming to these books again and again. However, in those worlds sometimes there are also certain disturbing things, sometimes overt but most of the times covertly. A new domain name aims to point out all those books with such red flags.

The domain name BookTriggerWarnings.com is a very interesting platform. Both in its appearance as well as content. In appearance, it gains your attention as it is built in the same way WikiPedia is built. They have adapted Wiki’s feature in a very subtle and cool way. The content of the platform is even more interesting. The platform has comments on a huge collection of books that point out the Trigger Warnings in them.

Their collection of books includes the works of writers such as Stephen King, George Orwell, Charles Dickens, etc. The platform gives information about the books in three broad sections: Trigger Warnings, Representation and Tropes. The first section, as even the name of the domain suggests, points to various Trigger Warnings ranging from Death, Violence, Misogyny, Child Violence to Pandemic and Religious things. The second section points out various communities the book represents. The third section asks about Tropes. Trope is basically anything by which people can identify you. As for example a person with a bat, implies he is batting or going to play cricket. Here, the bat is the man’s trope for cricket.

Although, this is a good fun way to come back and write about your favorite books. Some of the criticism is way over the top, The creators of the platforms have confirmed that the people behind this content are just some amateurs. So, the seriousness of the platform should also be tuned accordingly.

Go, check it out here.


  1. Mark Beck Avatar

    As an ardent reader, this comes as a gift to me. I have started numerous books which I didn’t like once I continued reading them. Even though the introduction of the book sounded interesting, the story proves to be lame. With a platform like this, atleast now I’ll know what to expect once I move forward with the story!

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