2 days to go for .au domain registration

.au domain space is going to begin registrations from March. We’ve posted about that. But do you know how close the launch is? It’s in just 2 days! 

From 24 March, .au registration will begin for the holders of .com.au domain names. .au domain names were reserved for owners of the same Second-level domain names under .com.au. This was done on a Priority Allocation Process. The registration for the General public will begin from September. 

The reason for the priority given to .com.au domain name holders is that untill now, they were the only options for Australian entities. Before this opening up of .au domain space, .com.au was the identity of the Australian domain name space. The holders of these domain name are getting the return for their investment in the Australian domain names.

We have been discussing the Australian domain name space in lots of our posts. We have also been keeping a keen eye on the recent developments in .au domain name space. 
We would keep you updated with all the news related to the Australian domain space.


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