Would You Buy Make-up Products From Coca Cola?

As of 27/06/2020

There are two types of people: Pepsi one or Coca Cola one. Just in case you belong to the latter, I have a question that might sound a little strange. But here it goes, would you buy and use make-up products from Coca Cola?

The soft drink company in an odd collaboration, to say the least, with beauty brand Morphe has launched a range of beauty products. The line of products has been named the ‘The Thirst for Life’. All the products have the classic Coca Cola logo on them. But don’t worry, not all the shades of makeup are brown! There are other colors to choose from too. 

What’s even more interesting that Morphe isn’t the only company Coca Cola collaborated with. It has also joined hands with the Korean Company, The Face Shop for South Korean customers. The collection includes lip tints, lip glosses, foundation, powders and eye shadow. It looks like the beverage giant is pretty eager to enter the cosmetics competition.

But the question still persists. Would you buy makeup products from Coca Cola? Just in case your answer is yes, you can get them here.


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