Wisconsin’s city adopts a new domain name

A domain name may appear simplistic to a layman, but it contains within it several layers of meaning. Such as to the choice of extensions in use, which level of domain name is in concern as in second level, third level, etc. 

Based on different permutations and combinations, significant different meanings and their implications emerge. As could be evident from a recent change in one of the city of the Wisconsin state. 

The City of Fort Atkinson has adopted various measures to technologically update its functioning. One of the primary changes supporting this motion is the adoption of a new domain name. 

Erstwhile, the city used to function on the domain name FortAtkinsonWI.net. The domain name is the currently used one and also the primary public facing website of the city. 

However, the Country has announced that from July, this year they will shift to a new domain name FortAtkinsonWI.gov. The primary reason behind the change being the security associated with .gov domain names. 

.gov domain names are regulated by government authorities and are allotted only to a government branch, office or institution. A .gov domain name thus is a kind of guarantee of the safety and genuineness of a government platform. 

Along with the change in domain name, the city announced two other changes. These include the change in phone numbers and change in internet infrastructure. 

As could be seen through this example as to how different elements of a domain name provide it with a different meaning. It could also be seen as to how these different meanings could be utilized for constructive purposes.


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