Why is choosing the right domain name registrar so important?


While starting your new business, you definitely focused a lot about choosing the right domain name. A right domain name can be crucial to the success of your enterprise, but there is another aspect of it that many are missing. Choosing the right domain name registrar

Sustaining a business is as challenging, if not more, as starting a business. The major threat that most online businesses face are all cyber-borne. As scammers make advancements in their breaching efforts, so should business entities upgrade their security measures. The right domain registrar comes into play here. 

A report by SecurityScorecard compares different domain registrars on the basis of the cybersecurity provided. It divides domain registrars into two groups: Enterprise-Class Registrar (ECR) and Consumer-Grade Registrar (CGR). A Consumer-Grade Registrar gives services for individuals and small businesses. An Enterprise-Class Registrar however provides services with enhanced domain security capabilities and IP protection.

The report compares and shows ECR perform several times better than CGR on a number of metrics such as DNS Health, App SecuritySecurity, Network Security, Endpoint Security, etc. In fact chosing an ECR could increase you overall SecurityScorecard ratings to a 1 letter upgrade

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