Why food company prefers ‘Zero sugar’ over ‘Diet’

Snapple, a major tea and beverage company recently announced the rebranding of one of its popular products. The Company has announced that its product Diet Snapple, would now be packaged and sold as Zero Sugar Snapple. 

When one reads this change to ‘Zero Sugar’ shift, a thought arises that it is for the better. The removal of sugar from these drinks is welcoming considering the critic that this industry faces with its over indulgence with sugar. However, there is a striking revelation. There has been no change in the contents of the drink. 

The ingredients of the new product remain the same. The product even claims so, by cryptically speaking ‘Zero Sugar is the new diet‘. So, why has this change been done. And even more, was it necessary to change the branding when there has been no change in the actual product. 

The answer is yes. Although nothing in the product has changed, a lot has from the perspective of a buyer. There is a wave of growing health consciousness among people. Riding on top of its branding that aims at Healthy Lifestyle gets an edge in its marketing. 

‘Diet’ branding lags in that scheme of branding. ‘Diet’ is an overused brand that is freely used by even carbonated beverages. The term ‘Diet’ doesn’t weigh much in the mind of a health conscious buyer. 

‘Zero Sugar’ on the other hand not only presents a modern take on the issue, but in fact presents a factual statement as its branding. Such a product psychologically motivates the buyer that the nutritionally sanctity of the product has now the validity of science as well. 


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