Why did Phone2Action adopt a new name?

Phone2Action was a prominent firm working for Government Affairs Technology. The company created tools that any organization or a political party can use to engage employees or supporters. The company however, switched to a different name. What was the reason behind it? 

In February this year, Phone2Action switched to the new name of Capitol Canary. The platform wanted to rebrand itself in a new and different way. The erstwhile seems unique and quirky. These two attributes, when used for a brand name normally, should be taken as a compliment. However, not here. The intended audience or viewer also matters. 

The company provides services to Government Institutions. The name Phone2Action seems too informal in this situation. More so when the company aims to assist the Government in governance. 

The new name has a different, formal and a stern appeal to it. Capitol Canary may be applied to a bird that watches over the Capitol. If this assumption is actually true then it’s meaning becomes even deeper. Canary birds would be the perfect to watch over the Capitol. A Canary bird is domestic but won’t tolerate an over display of affection, which other birds like parrots allow. 

The erstwhile domain name Phone2Action.com also now redirects to the new domain name CapitolCanary.com.

Is the new name, in some way delivering a message against the Capitol Riots in the US. What do you think? Answer us in the comments.


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