Which is real: USFL or the Real USFL?

Americans live in a world of their own. Their bat games, their ball games are unique on their own. The National Football League (NFL), an American adaptation of Football, is quite popular also. But did you know it had a rival tournament too

Yes, a rival springtime Football event was created. It was called the United States Football League or USFL. In fact, even the former US President and a popular businessman Donald Trump, had invested in one of the Franchises. He invested in the team New Jersey Generals. However it all soon stopped. Now, Fox is trying to relaunch it. But there’s a problem. The Real USFL.

The stakeholders of the earlier version of the USFL are not happy with Fox’s new move. They claim that although the league is defunct, they still own the related trademarks. They see this reboot as an infringement over their trademark rights. They have sought legal relief. In fact in this lawsuit, they have named themselves as the Real USFL. No kidding, you can check it here!

The lawsuit also mentions the use of the domain name TheUSFL.com in an unfair manner. TheUSFL.com is the primary domain name of the to-be organised league event. They also have the domain name USFL2.com along with them. It redirects to the primary domain name.

Would the lawsuit lead to some obstruction in the event? Let’s see what happens. We’ll keep you noted!


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    This case provides a lesson to trademark owners—use in commerce, including licensing your mark, is vital to the continued ownership of the mark itself. The Real USFL may not have used its mark to the fullest extent, but its ownership of the mark may have been saved. Next time, your neglected trademark might not be so lucky should a third party determine it may be valuable for their business.

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