Which country has launched the world’s first Web3 ccTLD?

Web3 is a very interesting space right now. There are constantly emerging innovations that make this space a happening one. NFTs and Digital Art had been quite recently hitting the news. This was until Web3 domain names came up, .eth emerging as the popular choice. However, what about ccTLDs?

ccTLD or Country code Top Level Domain name is an extension that directly points to a specific country. Most of the countries have their ccTLD in the mainstream internet. Blockchain domain names have been constantly trying to be an alternative to the regular domain names. Following this path, the world’s first Web3 ccTLD was launched.

The country that launched the ccTLD is Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the most tech friendly countries in Africa. It quite actively and strategically maintains its conventional ccTLD .ng. The new Web3 ccTLD released by it are .9jacom and .9jacom.

Now Nigerians can flaunt their country in the web3 space as well. Although ccTLDs are a common phenomenon in conventional domain names. Such domains provide a description of the country of the domain. They additionally promote the brand of the country as well. If more prominent companies use these domain names, when the user uses the services and products of this platform, the country’s name gets etched in their mind simultaneously.

Nigeria has been doing some phenomenal work to uplift the digital infrastructure of the nation. Check out our posts here.


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