When Ferrari schooled two domain names

Ferrari once had a very interesting interaction with two domain names. 

The case originated from a slight inconvenience people had with Ferrari. Old Ferrari cars’ wiring diagrams in the manuals were very difficult to understand. They were poorly written, improperly scanned, used Italian nomenclature and were all black wired. People needed an easier version, but Ferrari didn’t provide one. 

Someone on the internet made and uploaded the wiring diagrams. He even had two domain names as: FerrariWiring.com and FerrariDiagrams.com. But, it wasn’t late when he received a legal notice from Ferrari. You can read the blog where he revealed this and uploaded a part of the letter also. 

The letter mentioned how the domain names violated Ferrari’s trademarks. The letter talked about Ferrari’s horse logo, ‘Ferrari‘ written in the distinctive Ferrari way, among many other violations. Ferrari mentioned the use of multiple copyrighted images of its automobiles. It said how the domain names took advantage of people while making them believe that they were related with Ferrari, when in actuality they weren’t. 

It appears, however, that Ferrari didn’t take down the domain names. These domain names are still functional and redirect to a Ferrari308GTBI.com. The platform still sells diagrams of old Ferrari cars. However, all related trademark symbols have been removed. There is even a mention of the disassociation of the platform with that of Ferrari.

You can read more such cases related to Ferrari, here.


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