What’s with the rush for .xyz in the Crypto companies?

.xyz is one of the most popular TLDs present today. In fact in the year 2021, among all other TLDs, .xyz was behind only .com. However, there has been a rise in the popularity of the extension among the Crypto and decentralized internet entities. Why’s so? 

The reason behind this is the CEO of the company, as well as .xyz’s universal appeal. The CEO and Founder of .xyz was fascinated by the Crypto sector. So much so that he reached out to the ENS creator to strike a deal. He was successful when users could use a  .xyz domain name as their wallet address. Another reason is the generic nature of .xyz that appeals to all. Unlike other gTLDs, .xyz is truly generic.

.xyz has been popular with Crypto and Blockchain companies. Some examples are Block.xyz and Mirror.xyz. The extension shot to fame when Alphabet started operating on abc.xyz.


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