What is .art’s ‘Digital Twin’ feature?

UNESCO and the world celebrated World Art Day on April 15. People enjoyed and celebrated the effect art has on their lives. Art enthusiasts also discussed the various new ways the art is evolving currently, attributed to the ever evolving nature of the field or to the sudden excessive exposure of her to the digital space. 

In the digital space, .art has been representing the artist community. It provides an exclusive space for artists who want to showcase their artwork online. Currently the TLD has over 200,000 members from the community using their domains. Some of the vendors using .art domains include the likes of Apple, Rolex and the Louvre. However perhaps the most unique thing about this TLD is its ‘Digital Twin’ feature. In fact it’s not unique, this feature is exclusive to .art. So exclusive that it has received patents over it. So what is it? 

Digital Twin is sort of a digital pocket that belongs to a particular artwork. The identification and specifications are done through the implementation of Object ID and  Domain Name System (DNS). Object ID is an art identification standard developed by J. Paul Getty Trust and is accepted by UNESCO, Interpol and various other government agencies. 

Each artwork is assigned a right web address. All the data related to the artwork are stored in the address. In fact, there is a tendency of physical artworks to deteriorate over time. The Digital Twin also keeps various copies of the artwork collected over a span of time thus keeping the memory and aging of the artwork intact, safe and preserved. 
The art space has exploded since the past year. The paradigm shifting rise of the NFTs are a testament to that. There is an increasing acceptability of the digital environment by artists worldwide. Keeping that in mind,  .art has also started several NFT platforms such as async.art, meta.art, all.art, etc.


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