What are the proposed changes in .se and .nu registration?

The Swedish Internet Foundation has made some changes in the process of registration of .se and .nu domain names. A report by Gandi.net stated that the changes will come into effect from 1st of November

Regarding the .se registration, a personal Identification number or a business registration number is required for people belonging to regions outside of Sweden. Also with cases related to .se, the Swedish General Court‘s jurisdiction would apply

Similarly some changes apply to both .se and .nu. These include the inability to perform registration in case some of the user’s information is missing. The Foundation also holds the right to cancel or delete a domain name in case it is acquired by wrongful means

.se is the ccTLD of Sweden, while .nu is the ccTLD of the island country of Niue. The Swedish Internet Foundation is responsible for the operation of both these domain names.

Read more about the changes here.


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