What are the latest trends in the domain name industry?

In the dynamic digital landscape, domain names serve as crucial gateways to the online world. Discover the latest trends in the domain name industry as we delve into Namecheap’s 2023 insights. From classic .COM domains to emerging contenders like .XYZ, we explore shifting preferences, the rise of alternative TLDs, and valuable data to guide your online presence and investments. Join us on this journey through the domain name industry’s ever-changing landscape.

The Changing Landscape of .COM Registrations

For years, .COM domains have been the go-to choice for businesses and individuals across major markets. However, with extreme popularity comes extreme competition, leading to a decline in the availability of catchy one-word and two-word .COM domains. As a result, registrations of ‘other’ TLDs have seen significant growth, reaching 60.50%. This trend could be attributed to domain investors and businesses exploring alternative TLDs due to the scarcity of desired .COM domains. Additionally, the increasing interest in creative and unique brands might indicate a shift towards embracing diverse TLDs beyond the traditional .COM.

Top 20 TLDs of H1 2023

The report highlights the top 20 TLDs registered with Namecheap in the first half of 2023. Not surprisingly, .COM remains at the forefront with the highest number of registrations. However, it’s noteworthy to see .XYZ in the second position, signaling a rise in popularity for this TLD. The growth of .XYZ could suggest a surge in creativity among online retailers and personal brands, potentially challenging the dominance of .COM in the future.

The list of the top 20 TLDs based on registrations between January 1, 2023, and June 30, 2023, includes:

  1. .COM
  2. .XYZ
  3. .SHOP
  4. .CLICK
  5. .ONLINE
  6. .SITE
  7. .NET
  8. .ORG
  9. .STORE
  10. .INFO
  11. .CO
  12. .CFD
  13. .US
  14. .CO.UK
  15. .AI
  16. .LIVE
  17. .IO
  18. .PRO
  19. .SBS
  20. .SPACE

Domain Registrations by Continent and Top Country-Code TLDs (ccTLDs)

Country-Code TLDs, though tied to specific nations, are not limited to local use. The report reveals that .CO, initially associated with Colombia, has gained popularity with 85,808 registrations in 2023. This TLD caters well to companies, committees, and communities, making it an attractive option for various purposes. As the world becomes more connected, ccTLDs like .CO are expected to grow in popularity globally.

The top 15 ccTLDs registered with Namecheap in 2023 are:

  1. .CO
  2. .US
  3. .CO.UK
  4. .AI
  5. .IO
  6. .CE
  7. .DE
  8. .ME
  9. .CC
  10. .IN
  11. .UK
  12. .ORG.UK
  13. .EU
  14. .TV
  15. .NL.

The report further presents the most popular non .COM TLDs by region, shedding light on regional preferences. In North America, .XYZ, .NET, and .ORG are favored, while Europe leans towards .XYZ, .INFO, and .CLUB. In South America, .INFO, .US, and .CO dominate, while Africa shows a preference for .XYZ, .SHOP, and .NET. In Asia, .XYZ, .INFO, and .US are the most popular choices.

Understanding a region’s favorite domains can lead to better investment strategies, website ideas, and overall domain ownership decisions.

Top 15 gTLDs

While some classic gTLDs like .ORG, .INFO, and .NET might seem to decline, the data suggests that modern TLDs such as .CLICK, .SPACE, .LIVE, and .CFD are gaining momentum. This shift in registrations hints at a changing online landscape with new businesses, increased competition, and a growing need to stand out.

New TLDs offer fresh opportunities for web users and professionals. The report highlights the performance of recently launched TLDs like .ZIP, .BET, and .DAD, indicating potential growth and value in these domains. Additionally, the analysis of renewal rates underscores the importance of keeping track of market trends and recognizing the potential of emerging TLDs like .XYZ, which may see increased renewal rates over time.

Spikes of .AI Registrations

The surge in .AI registrations reflects the growing interest and applications of Artificial Intelligence. As AI technology advances, businesses and individuals are registering domains related to this field, highlighting its relevance and future potential. For domain investors, this trend presents an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

The report indicates that domainers, business owners, and publications are among the main stakeholders driving the surge in .AI registrations, with over 34,000 registrations in 2023 so far. This figure reflects a strong interest in embracing AI-focused domains for branding, marketing, and showcasing expertise in the field.

Top 15 Most Expensive Open Domain Sales

The report showcases the most expensive domain sales on the Namecheap Market Auction, indicating which domains are in high demand. Domains related to popular trends, new technologies, and market-oriented terms have seen impressive sales. This emphasizes the importance of keeping an eye on market trends to make informed domain investment decisions.

The top 15 domain names that made it to this esteemed list:

  1. Bitcoin.xyz
  2. nft.store
  3. new.digital
  4. Threads.ai
  5. Clicks.ai
  6. Invest.ai
  7. Music.ai
  8. Earth.ai
  9. Threads.store
  10. Urban.ai
  11. Storage.ai
  12. Analytics.ai
  13. Techno.ai
  14. Energy.ai
  15. Clicks.store

The list features domain names that closely align with popular trends, technologies, and market-oriented terms. For instance, “Bitcoin.xyz” capitalizes on the global cryptocurrency phenomenon, while “nft.store” targets the booming Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market. Additionally, the inclusion of “Threads.ai” and “Urban.ai” highlights the growing interest in AI-driven platforms and urban technologies.


The 2023 edition of the Namecheap Domain Insights & Trends Report provides valuable insights into the ever-changing domain landscape. From the rise of alternative TLDs to the growing interest in creative and niche domains, the report offers valuable guidance for businesses, domain investors, and individuals seeking to make strategic choices in their online presence. The data emphasizes the connection between domain trends and market trends, highlighting the importance of staying ahead of the curve and recognizing the potential of emerging technologies and industries.

In the fast-evolving world of technology and business, understanding domain insights and trends is a key factor in establishing a strong online presence and maximizing the value of domain ownership. As we move forward, these trends will continue to evolve, and those who adapt and make informed decisions will position themselves for success in the digital landscape of the future.

Read the full report here.


  1. Gurbani Avatar

    The surge in registrations of .ai domain is baffling and it is just the beginning. Never thought .xyz domain will be the second most popular TLD. A good read, indeed!

  2. Uday Chaudhary Avatar
    Uday Chaudhary

    No one would’ve thought that .XYZ could challenge the .COM dominance

  3. John Will Avatar
    John Will

    The key takeaway from the report is that the demand for domain names is increasing, especially for those that are aligned with popular trends. This is due to the growing importance of online presence for businesses and individuals.

  4. Emma Thomas Avatar
    Emma Thomas

    Creative domain names will become more prevalent in the future. As businesses become more creative with their branding, so will their domain names. Voice search optimization will become increasingly important. As voice search becomes more popular, businesses will need to ensure that their domain names are optimized for voice search. The continued growth of ccTLDs is expected. As businesses become more globalized, they will need to register domain names in multiple countries in order to reach their target markets.

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