What are Area Code Domains and how can it be helpful for your business?

There are different levels of businesses. There are the big ones that extend across multiple nations while there are some that are your good friendly neighbourhood ventures. Most of the time emphasis is paid upon the big companies, and smaller ones are left out. But it’s the latter ones that really shape our world and define how we see it. And for these gems there is a perfect branding opportunity as Area Code Domains.

An Area Code Domain is a unique combination of the Area Code of your palace along with the business you are practising. For example, the Area Code of New York is 646. For a Bakery operating say ‘John Bakery’ operating in New York, the Area Code Domain 646Bakery.com could be an awesome branding purchase.

 Let us look up the branding possibilities of these names. First and the most important of the opportunities is it establishes a unique identity in relation with your place of operation. For example in our previous example of ‘John Bakery’ getting the domain name 646Bakery.com, he does not just get a domain name. There can be multiple bakeries operating in New York,  but the domain name gives special push to ‘John Bakery’ when someone searches ‘Bakery in 646’ or ‘Bakery 646’. Second, it establishes the connection that one has with their place of operation. In the process of working, one forms a bond with the place. Area Code Domains, also provide a way to recognize that bond.

Currently Area Code Domains is working with a number of restaurants. They believe that restaurants have a beautiful scope and high chances of success online. The major problem they face is with the branding. Area Code Domains can come up and assist them in this.


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