Westpac acquires WestPac.com

Westpac is a common name in Australia. Formally known as Westpac Banking Corporation, it is one of the biggest 4 banks in Australia. It is the oldest financial institution that is currently up and working there.

The Bank recently has acquired the domain name WestPac.com, reported itnews. Erstwhile the bank had been working on the domain name WestPac.com.au. Post the acquisition of the .com name also, the customer facing domain is still WestPac.com.au. WestPac.com redirects to WestPac.com.au.

Interestingly, the bank had started its operation with a different name. At its inception in 1817, it was known as the Bank of New South Wales. It was the name of the bank until 1982, when it acquired the Commercial Bank of Australia. Post the acquisition it acquired the name Westpac. The term ‘Westpac’ is an amalgamation of Western and Pacific.

The domain name earlier, had been with a Korean Electronics company. Westpac Associates had the domain name with them since 1998. The price of the acquisition by the Westpac Banking Corporation hasn’t been announced yet.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Westpac, one of Australia’s Big 4 banks, is worth checking out for personal and business banking. It has accounts such as transaction, credit card and loans easily accessed by app and online services. Westpac is also committed to sustainability as part of its business model.
    Across its operating segments the group is recognized for several of its bank brands: Westpac, Bank of Melbourne, st. george, bankSA, RAMS, Bank of New Zealand and Westpac Institutional.

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