Water Heater Hub acquires this domain name

Water Heater Hub is a one stop solution for all your Water Heating problems. The primary domain name of the firm WaterHeaterHub.com, presents a very informative website regarding plumbing. 

The company recently acquired a domain name that could have major branding consequences. A domain name OneShotWaterHeaters.com was acquired. The domain name currently redirects to WaterHeaterHub.com

The key word of the new domain acquisition is ‘One Shot’. Now, the domain name could have had two possible purposes. One, to promote the company’s name during searches related to the acquired domain name. Two, it’s an attempt to rebrand the company. 

For one to be possible it might be the case that terms of said domain are extraordinarily popular. However, it isn’t so. This leaves us with the second option mostly. 

Although the acquired domain name is currently being redirected, it could be a potential replacement. Water Heater Hub is an awesome name, but One Shot or One Shot Water Heaters, got a better ring to it. 

The current name gives a feeling of a group or collection of people, while ‘One Shot’ gives a corporate feeling to it. But, these are just speculations. Water Heater Hub hasn’t announced anything about a name change.


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