Wallstreet Giant’s comeback halted by Domain Name Unavailability, rebranded

Salomon Brothers was the OG of Wall Street back in the 80s and the 90s. It was the most profitable brokerage firm during that time. So much was Salomon’s supremacy that its CEO John Gutfreund, was often called ‘The King of Wall Street’.

The company’s stars fell when it got accused of Treasury Bonds misappropriation. It’s CEO was fined and barred from being the chief executive of any other brokerage firm. The company was later acquired by the Traveller’s Group and then by Citigroup. It changed its name to Salomon Smith Barney.

However, the company is now hoping to make a revival. It planned a relaunch. Employees that have been associated with the firm initiated this. They even announced that they had secured the trademarks over the term ‘Salomon Brothers’. 

However, what they didn’t have was the domain name SalomonBrothers.com. The domain name is still with Citigroup. And they are in no mood to give away the domain name.

Although the Salomon Brothers own the trademark rights, they won’t get the domain name even with a UDRP, because the domain name was registered before they got the trademark rights. Salomon Brothers, have hence decided to rebrand to Salomon Encore. They are present on the domain name SalomonEncore.com.

To check the current status of the domain name SalomonBrothers.com, I visited the website. The results weren’t very exciting. The website was empty with only a black screen staring at my face.


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