VPN.com’s most influential political domain name?

As of 05/01/2021

US politics never fails to disappoint the world, let alone be the US. The 2020 Presidential Elections however, was undoubtedly the Showstopper. The tremors of which are being felt in the Senate elections. Georgia is set for its runoff election that is going to take place today. And not everything in it is that simple.

Georgia had it’s elections in November last year. However, neither the Democratic nor the Republican candidate managed to secure the required 50% vote share. Georgia’s law states a ‘runoff election’ in such a condition. The election is scheduled for 5th of January, i.e. , today. The fate of two seats would be decided today.

Amid this political conundrum, VPN.com has announced that it has sold the domain name GeorgiaRunoff.com. The CEO of VPN.com Michael Gargiulo stated it to be ‘the most influential political domain name of the decade’. 

The Republicans hold 50 seats out of the 100 seats. If Democrats secure these 2 Georgia seats they would come equal to Republican’s 50 seats. A Republican victory over even a single seat in Georgia can turn the tide in Republican’s favour. 

With the Senate majority and the future of Coronavirus Stimulus hanging in the noose, a lot depends on this election. Although Georgia has traditionally been a Republican state with no Democrats in the senate for the past 20 years. The victory of Democrats in Georgia in Presidential Elections 2020 has kept everyone guessing.

VPN.com’s GeorgiaRunoff.com can certainly play a key role in this political turmoil. The site awares people in a non partisan way and pleads them to vote.


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