Vietnam adds 3 new extensions

The Ministry of Information and Telecommunications of Vietnam has released a Circular talking about the launch of 3 second level domain names. Circular 21 talks about the launch of 3 new domain extensions,i.e.,, and

These domain names have their own different usage and implementation. has been reserved for Individuals, while the other two domain names and are open for individuals as well as corporates. would be useful for companies which are internet based while would help Artificial Intelligence companies. 

Also, one peculiar thing was pointed out about the domain name extensions. For the domain an age segment of 18-23 was prioritised. Also, it is rare to see an extension being dedicated only to individuals specifically. 

The reason behind this could be that the Vietnamese Government is taking the internet familiarity in the country seriously. The government wants people to adopt more domain names on an individual basis, thus underlying the trust that a domain name has over an account on some Social Media app. 


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