Unveiling the GeniusBetterUp Domain Name: A Thrilling Saga of Trademarks, Clones, and Bad Faith!


In the dynamic world of digital coaching services and online businesses, domain names hold the key to a unique online identity. But what happens when disputes arise, especially when it involves trademarks and bad faith usage? In this article, we’re about to embark on a fascinating journey into a specific case centered around the domain name GeniusBetterUp.com. Get ready to uncover the potential implications of bad faith usage, all in a language that domain name enthusiasts can relate to!

The Background

Let’s set the stage for our thrilling domain name adventure! Our story revolves around two main players: a US Complainant, offering professional digital coaching services under the trademark BetterUp, and a Respondent who swiftly registered the domain name GeniusBetterUp.com on April 5, 2023. Our Complainant boasts ownership of multiple trademarks featuring the term BetterUp and has been making waves in the online coaching scene since 2013.

The Allegations

Hold on to your seats, things are about to get spicy! The Complainant accuses the Respondent of using the disputed domain name to create a clone website mimicking their own BetterUp.com. Picture that – a website doppelgänger! The Respondent’s site shamelessly copied trademarks and copyrighted images, leaving internet users scratching their heads in confusion. But that’s not all, folks – the term “BetterUp” is a unique creation by the Complainant’s founders, not something you’ll find in your average dictionary or used by just any Joe out there.

The Panel’s Decision

Now let’s hear from the experts themselves – the Panel! After carefully examining all the evidence, they dropped the hammer. The Respondent had no legitimate reason to use that disputed domain name, oh no! It was all about trying to fool users and make a quick buck. Sneaky moves, indeed.

The Decision on Bad Faith Usage

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of bad faith usage. The Panel noticed something peculiar – the disputed domain name was a curious mixtape of the Complainant’s trademark and some “genius” vibes. As if that wasn’t enough, they topped it off with the classic .com TLD, adding an extra layer of confusion. But wait, there’s more – the Respondent had no excuse for claiming ignorance about the Complainant’s trademark. It’s out there, well-known, and the Panel saw right through it!


After an exhilarating journey through this domain name dispute, the verdict is in. The Panel ruled in favor of the Complainant, ordering that GeniusBetterUp.com be handed over to its rightful owner. This case serves as a reminder for all of us to be cautious when choosing domain names and steer clear of any shady business that leads to confusion or trademark troubles. Let’s geek out responsibly over domain names and keep the internet an awesome place for everyone!

Stay tuned for more thrilling domain name adventures!

Read the full case here: https://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/decisions/pdf/2023/d2023-2006.pdf


  1. Richard Wilson Avatar
    Richard Wilson

    The dispute over the domain name “GeniusBetterUp.com” has concluded, and the Panel has decided in favor of the Complainant. They have ordered that the domain be transferred to its rightful owner. This situation reminds us to be careful when picking domain names, avoiding anything that could cause confusion or trademark issues. Let’s enjoy discussing domain names responsibly and maintain the internet as a great space for everyone!

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