Unstoppable Domains partners with OKC

Unstoppable Domains, one of the most promising companies in the crypto domain sector has finalized yet another collaboration. This time it is with the  Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Inter‑Blockchain Communication (IBC) compatible OKX Chain (OKC).

Payment through long crypto codes is an intriguing task. Amid this, Unstoppable Domains easy-to-remember short crypto domain names come in handy. A growing number of businesses are adopting Unstoppable Domains’s platform to simplify their payments. A list that includes as many as 270 different platforms.

Now OKC has joined the bandwagon. With this collaboration OKC users can avail transactions with 20 different chains. This became possible with Unstoppable Domains’ .crypto TLD. Through these human-readable names, transactions have become easy, simple and relatively less error-prone.

This collaboration also points to the rising influence of Asia in the crypto sector. Asia is one of the most prominent places for the crypto sector to grow and develop. OKC is the most popular Asia based Crypto entity. More than 65% of crypto traders in the continent are aware of this chain.

This acquisition is in line with Unstoppable Domains’ strategy to make so many collaborations that the company becomes the default norm of payment simplification. The more the company collaborates and integrates, the more it becomes synonymous with the Crypto sector’s primary domain company.


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