Unstoppable Domains hires one of the Industries’ big guns

Unstoppable Domains is one of the leading entities vying for a decentralized Blockchain ecosystem. The crypto domain name company has now hired one of the most prominent tech personalities to bolster its hopes and ambitions. It has hired the extremely influential Sandy Carter

Sandy Carter is an extremely powerful technocrat. She has been named in ‘Top ten powerful women in tech‘ by CNN. She was accorded the ‘Most Influential Women‘ in technology by Fast Company.  She was among the ‘Top 3 innovation influencer‘ by SXSW. Apart from these accolades, Sandy has worked with the leading companies of the world that includes IBM and AWS. 

The joining of Sandy Carter would not only help Unstoppable Domains but also the cause of decentralized internet. Sandy is also the Chairman of the board of Girls In Tech. So, inclusion of her in the blockchain ecosystem, also assures extension of opportunities to women in that ecosystem.


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