Unlocking Opportunities: The Expansion of .Swiss Domains for Swiss Expats

In a groundbreaking move, the Swiss Federal Council has approved the expansion of .swiss domain names to include Swiss expatriates from 2024. This significant decision, accompanied by updates to the Internet Domain Ordinance, holds immense importance for Switzerland’s digital landscape. It not only opens up new opportunities for Swiss citizens residing abroad but also reinforces the country’s commitment to cybersecurity. Let’s explore the significance of this decision and its implications for Switzerland.

The Exclusive Domain Club:

Since its introduction in 2016, .swiss domain names have been exclusively reserved for companies listed in the Swiss commercial register with a physical presence in Switzerland. Additionally, public bodies, Swiss associations, and foundations were granted this prestigious privilege. As of May 2023, around 19,000 websites proudly featured these distinctive domain names.

Expanding the Swiss Domain Frontier:

The recent revision of the Internet Domain Ordinance now allows Swiss residents and citizens living abroad to join the .swiss domain community. However, certain conditions and restrictions apply. Applicants must primarily include surnames or names registered in the civil register within their domain names. Moreover, Swiss nationals residing outside Switzerland can only utilize their .swiss domains for private, non-profit, or charitable purposes, excluding commercial ventures.

Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures:

In parallel with the domain expansion, the updated Internet Domain Ordinance introduces reinforced measures to combat cybercrime. Previously, individuals suspected of misusing a .ch or .swiss domain had a 30-day window to identify themselves to Swiss authorities and provide a Swiss residential address. With the revised ordinance, this response time has been reduced to ten days, ensuring a more rapid and effective approach to addressing cyber threats.

Protection for New Domains:

Recognizing the need for heightened vigilance surrounding newly registered domains, the updated ordinance introduces additional provisions. Websites registered for less than 90 days will face increased scrutiny. In cases where abuse is suspected, the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) has the authority to temporarily block the domain for ten days. If the domain holder fails to provide identification and the necessary credentials during this period, the domain may be revoked.

The Evolution of Domain Names:

In the early days of the internet, domain name options were limited. However, as technology advanced, a multitude of possibilities emerged. While practical domains tied to specific industries, such as .florist or .news, remain popular, more unique options have surfaced to cater to specific audiences. Domains like .guru or .ninja reflect the desire to stand out and capture attention. On the other hand, top-level domains (TLDs) like .ch occupy a significant position in the hierarchical structure of the internet.

The decision to extend .swiss domain names to Swiss expatriates marks a transformative milestone, offering newfound opportunities for individuals living abroad while bolstering cybersecurity efforts. It provides Swiss citizens with a platform to express their connection to Switzerland and contribute to non-commercial initiatives. Simultaneously, the strengthened measures against cybercrime demonstrate Switzerland’s commitment to maintaining a secure online environment. As the digital landscape evolves, so does the Swiss domain space, embracing innovation while upholding the country’s reputation for excellence in technology and security.


  1. Andrew Milo Avatar
    Andrew Milo

    The expansion of .Swiss domains for Swiss expats signifies a progressive step towards connecting and empowering the Swiss diaspora. This move not only strengthens the bond between Swiss nationals living abroad but also facilitates a platform for promoting Swiss businesses, culture, and collaboration on a global scale. It opens doors to new opportunities and fosters a stronger sense of community in the digital realm.

  2. Richard Wilson Avatar
    Richard Wilson

    The Swiss Federal Council has approved the expansion of .swiss domain names to include Swiss expatriates in 2024, marking a significant step towards enhancing Switzerland’s digital landscape and reinforcing its commitment to cybersecurity.

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