Unleashing Growth: The Carlstar Group’s Revolutionary Brand Evolution in Specialty Tires & Wheels

Transitioning from Carlisle to Carlstar: A Strategic Move for Coherence and Exclusive Branding

The Carlstar Group, a global leader in the specialty tire and wheel industry, is thrilled to announce its brand evolution, paving the way for continued success and expansion in the years to come. This strategic move involves transitioning products bearing the Carlisle brand to the Carlstar brand, aligning the primary brand name with the company itself. By doing so, The Carlstar Group aims to achieve internal and external coherence, while capitalizing on the opportunity to establish a brand that stands out exclusively in the Specialty Tire and Wheel space.

Customer-Centric Approach: Partner and Customer Considerations at the Forefront

While this brand evolution is driven by the company’s strategic vision, The Carlstar Group emphasizes that its valued customers and partners have been at the forefront of the planning process. The message they convey is simple but powerful: “Carlisle branded tires are now Carlstar.” This succinct phrase encapsulates the essence of the brand evolution. Although the letters on the tire sidewalls will change, everything else that has made The Carlstar Group the preferred destination for specialty tires and wheels over the last century remains unchanged. The company’s unwavering commitment to premier product quality, dependability, and its entire value proposition will continue to deliver exceptional experiences for partners and customers alike for the next 100 years.

Meticulous Planning Ensures a Smooth Transition

The Carlstar Group has left no stone unturned in preparing for this brand transition, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation. A dedicated team has meticulously developed a comprehensive plan encompassing every aspect of the rebranding journey, actively involving customers and partners throughout the process.

A Two-Pronged Approach to Transition

The brand transition will take place through a well-structured, multi-step approach in marketing materials. This carefully planned strategy allows customers to experience the transition gradually, fostering a lasting impression. The central theme guiding this process will be “Carlisle branded tires are now Carlstar,” serving as a guiding thread throughout the journey. Simultaneously, the transition of tire sidewalls from Carlisle to Carlstar will be phased in, prioritizing high-volume SKUs, and taking into account customer considerations.

Building on a Strong Legacy: Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Excellence

Throughout this brand evolution, The Carlstar Group remains firmly grounded in its core values, fortified by its renowned design and engineering capabilities, global manufacturing expertise, extensive distribution network, customer-centric approach, and unyielding dedication to becoming the leading specialty tire and wheel business.

Reinforcing Position as Premier Manufacturer: A Foundation for Innovation and Expansion

The Carlstar Group is confident that this brand evolution will not only strengthen its position as a premier manufacturer of specialty tires and wheels but also lay a solid foundation for a bright future characterized by innovation and expansion. By aligning the brand with its strategic goals, The Carlstar Group sets itself on a trajectory of sustained growth and industry leadership.

About The Carlstar Group

Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, The Carlstar Group is a global manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket tires and wheels for various markets, including outdoor power equipment, powersports, specialty trailer, agriculture, construction, and industrial sectors. Under its umbrella, The Carlstar Group encompasses several leading brands, including Carlisle® tires, Carlstar® tires, ITP® tires and wheels, as well as Cragar®, Black Rock®, Unique® wheels, and Marastar® products. With 15 facilities in four countries and a dedicated team of 3,400 associates, The Carlstar Group embodies a culture of transforming great ideas into innovative products. Renowned for its excellence in product quality and customer service, The Carlstar Group has built a legacy of excellence in the industry. To learn more about The Carlstar Group and its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, please visit their website at www.carlstargroup.com.

In conclusion, The Carlstar Group’s brand evolution marks an exciting chapter in the company’s journey towards continued excellence and growth. By transitioning from the Carlisle brand to the Carlstar brand, the company not only achieves internal coherence but also establishes a distinctive brand identity in the Specialty Tire and Wheel space. With meticulous planning, a customer-centric approach, and a two-pronged transition strategy, The Carlstar Group ensures a seamless and enduring experience for its valued partners and customers. Building on a strong legacy of quality, design, and engineering expertise, The Carlstar Group is poised to reinforce its position as a premier manufacturer and set the stage for a future marked by innovation and expansion.


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    Richard Wilson

    The Carlstar Group, a prominent player in the specialty tire and wheel industry, is excited to unveil its brand evolution. This strategic transition involves shifting products from the Carlisle brand to the Carlstar brand, aligning the primary brand name with the company. This move aims to create internal and external coherence, while establishing a distinct brand presence exclusively in the Specialty Tire and Wheel sector.

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