Top E-Commerce Development firms in 2022


ADA or App Development Agency has published a list of top E-Commerce Development companies in 2022. The list provides a key insight to the E-Commerce ecosystem of present times. 

Notice that the list doesn’t rank E-Commerce websites per se, but rather the firms that help in developing these platforms. E-Commerce to a large extent has been dominated by big players, but since the past few years we have seen a flood of small entrepreneurs sustaining and flourishing, by getting their business online. Amid this a guide that can strategize their ideas into a demonstrable business face can be a sigh of great relief. 

Here are the top 5 E-Commerce Development firms: ‘

  1. Frantic Infotech 
  2. EZ Rankings 
  3. Apptread 
  4. Konstant Infosolutions 
  5. RipenApps Technologies

The full list provides the list of top 10 E-Commerce development firms. You can check the full list here.

There has been a problem regarding equity in the business sector in every part of the world. While talking about the issue and bringing it to the forefront is a commendable effort, seldom can it lead to any substantial change in the present environment. To bring a long lasting change, the small business and industries need to be strengthened and supported. 

Easy access to the technological know-how could be an appropriate development in that regard. 

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