Top Chinese companies register new Chinese domain names

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is the agency that administers the Chinese ccTLD .cn and .中国. The organization has announced that as many as 10 Companies among the top 500 companies have booked the domestic domain names. The list of bigshots that have done the registration includes the likes of Vivo, Xiaomi, Tencent Cloud, etc. 

These are the domain names that some of the companies have registered:

  • Vivo: vivo手机.中国
  • Xiaomi Technology:, 小米科技有限责任公司.中国
  • Guizhou Tongyuan Group: 通源集团.cn
  • Qianxihe Company: 千喜鹤.cn
  • Hunan Construction Industry Group:
  • Weichai Power:
  • Tencent Cloud Computing:

A question must arise as to the reason behind these registrations. Business building and corporate expansion can’t be the possible reason in the wake of these simultaneous registrations. The reason behind this is the development of the current geopolitical scenario. 

We have again transcended into the mindset of the Cold Era, if not the beginning of the Third World War itself. The world is again dividing on the lines of the West and the East, Democracy and Authoritarianism, Capitalism and Communism. During times of global crisis the emergence of nationalism and inward looking domestic policies takes place. The principles of Globalisation come to a halt in such situations. 

China can be considered closer to Russia in the present scheme of things. Witnessing the Economic offense waged against Russia, China too would look to increase its self sufficiency. Even if that is too far away considering deep Chinese investments globally, chest thumping of Nationalism is the way the authorities there have taken. 

Presenting the interest in domestic TLDs is a way of portraying confidence in the domestic market and brand China by Chinese conglomerates. In fact CNNIC considers the Chinese TLD as ‘the logo of China’ on the internet. The registrations thus, could be touted as the Chinese attempt to bolster its brand globally and domestically fueled by the flames of the current geopolitical crisis. 


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