Titan’s new partnership with Name.com

Titan has announced an interesting new partnership with the domain name company Name.com. People who register their domain name via get Name.com can get a free 3 month access to Titan’s Business Pro Email Services.

Titan, is a new email service provider with expertise in handling business emails. The platform has several inbuilt cool features in it. This includes Read Receipts (When the receiver has seen your message, it shows a tick. Similar to blue ticks available in chatting apps.), Schedule emails, Follow-up reminders and numerous beautiful templates.

Apart from that, one of the interesting things about Titan is the choice of their domain name. The company operates on a unique and perfect domain name of Titan.email. This is what a perfect domain name looks like. This perfect domain name explained everything about what Titan is and does. In just two words.

Name.com is among the set of domain name companies that are trying to change the domain name ecosystem through new innovations and creations. The company even allows third-level domain name registrations over Name.com domain. Operating since 2001-02, the company is a subsidiary of Donuts Inc.


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