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The one who observes better, invests better. Investment based on intuitions do seem romantic, but in the grand scheme of things, investments made on the basis of rational criticism and sound assessment turn out successful. And a hinge point for all those criticisms and assessments are statistics. 

The import of textiles and apparels in the US increased by 28.05% in January 2022, as compared to the same month in 2021. The net import by January 202 was $7.957 billion. This figure increased to $10.189 billion in 2022.

This implies an increase in demand for clothes and apparels in the country. A 28% jump means people are enthusiastic about it, and hence provides ample new opportunity to players to come and establish their brands. Here, they would require new brandable domains. 

Domain Investors should use this opportunity to invest in the Clothing and Apparels sector. They can choose from a range of TLDs available such as .clothing, .fashion, .style, .design, etc. You can also register a cool second level domain name, with a .us TLD. 

A wide range of options are available in the sector. China still remains to be the biggest exporter. However, there have been significant gains in the export volume of other countries such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


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