This politician faces heavy backlash, with on point domain registrations

Greg Abbott is the current sitting Governor of Texas. Hailing from the right wing Republican party, Greg has been on the post since 2015, after winning the election in 2014. He has won twice since then, and is eyeing a third term this year. However, a recent step by him has made a lot of people uncomfortable.

In a recent order he instructed the state’s Family and Protective Services to start investigating anyone who provides life-saving, gender-affirming care for trans children. He even termed scuh practises as ‘Child Abuse’. Although science contradicts this, when have the Republicans ever respected Science anyway?

As a response to it multiple domain names related to Governor Greg Abbott were registered. Comedian Toby Morton has registered the domain name The domain name contains an image of Mr. Abbott with a number of quotes criticising him humorously. In fact, the domain name also showcases multiple other domain names registered by Toby targeting Republican politicians.  Some of these include,,, and

Another author under the pseudonym of Chuck Tingles has registered the domain name Chuck mostly writes about gay errotica. Greg’s move to marginalise an already marginalised homogenous community, didn’t sit well with Chuck it seems. The platform at shows a disfigured image of Mr. Greg. It has also written on its left, the words, “Do you celebrate hate? I do too!” -Gorg Abbott.

To be honest these are pretty obvious domain names and the Governor’s office should have already registered these domain names. But they didn’t think about it and are now facing the consequences. So whoever you are, an individual, a business or a the Governor of a State, get your domain names in order!


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