This Netflix miniseries gives a push

As of 27/11/2020

The purpose of art is to touch people’s lives. And it looks like Netflix‘s new miniseries ‘The Queen’s Gambit‘ is true to its purpose. Ever since the series was launched, it has generated a surge in the interest, in this centuries-old board game. 

Among the prime beneficiaries of this crest of curiosity is the domain name The website’s daily new registrations are up by a whooping 400%. Even in terms of total number of users, the 7-episode series gave the website an additional 2.5 million users. Interestingly women participation was higher than normal with females spending more time than their male counterparts. The reason behind this enthusiasm among females, is the female protagonist of the show. Clearly, the series came as a blessing for this domain name. responded to this by introducing a new bot called Beth Harmon, based on the lead actress of the show. Users can play against Beth of different ages, with difficulty levels increasing simultaneously along with her age.

The series has been a smashing success with it becoming the all time most watched series in many countries. It was also ranked in Netflix’s top 10 in 92 countries and number 1 in 63 countries. Netflix’s most watched scripted limited series was bound to generate curiosity among people. And rightly so, as the popularity of the term ‘Chess’ was at a 14 year high, according to Google Trends.


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