This .flights domain name is priced at $60 million

Domain Names can be pricey. If the domain name you require is small sized, popular, catchy and generic in nature, it can cost in millions of dollars., is a shining example of this which was sold at $30 million, which remains the costliest domain name ever. However, a new domain name could topple this record. 

A report by EIN news claims that a domain name’s price has exceeded the cost of And the difference is not of a few million dollars but is twice of that. Yes, the domain name has been priced at a whopping $60 million! 

What is the reason behind such an exorbitant amount for this domain name? The first reason being the cost is the second level domain here, i.e., Riyadh. Riyadh is the Capital city of Saudi Arabia. The country is going through an intense economic transformation. Seeing the exhaustion of its dear petrol reserves in the near future, the state pivoted to a tourism based economy. The special attention on Tourism, makes flights an essential part of the economic progress of the Country. Considering the hoard of oil money that the middle eastern state is sitting upon, such a high price can be expected. 

The second reason being the extension.  .flights domain names are one of the most expensive domain names. The domain name provides accurate and on the point branding. Such branding can be lost if another  .com domain is being used. A .flights domain establishes that the platform is a flight company without any explanation. 

Even after all these considerations, it is still difficult to digest such prices. What do you think? Answer us in the comments.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Domain with business extension can be a great investment if you get to register any good one. As these resemble the purpose of the brand, these are of very high value for SEO purposes as well as to remind the name easily. Also, one should check before registering such domains that it hasn’t been trademarked by any other company.

  2. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    Domain names can be incredibly pricey, especially if they are small, popular, catchy, and generic. is currently the costliest domain name ever sold at $30 million. However, a new domain name,, has surpassed by being priced at a whopping $60 million. The reason behind such a high price is due to the significance of the second-level domain, Riyadh, which is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. As the country shifts towards a tourism-based economy, flights have become an essential part of its economic progress. Additionally, .flights domain names are one of the most expensive domain extensions, providing accurate and on-point branding. Despite these factors, such high prices for domain names are still difficult to fathom.

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