This domain name extension urges you to work ‘Side by Side’

As of 08/04/2021

Don’t we all like quirky domain name extensions? Unique extensions like .baby and .cool give a friendly vibe to a domain name. They increase acceptability and are remembered for a longer time. If you were looking for something like this, there is good news for you. ShortDot, the fourth largest new domain name registry in the world, has launched a new domain extension .sbs.

.sbs is an acronym for ‘side by side’. The extension is focused on organisations and companies that aim at achieving professional competitiveness and productivity while also giving the social responsibilities and duties equal importance, side by side. The extension caters to sustainable organisations of the future who have a balanced working approach. However this extension can also be used for collaborative spaces where work and ideas are shared side by side. This also has potential for people who work on multiple projects side by side.

ShortDot is known for releasing unique domain name extensions. It has extensions like .bond, .icu (I see you), .cyou (See you) and .cfd (Clothing Fashion Design) under its gambit. With its new launch of .sbs, ShortDot plans to woo charitable organisations and philanthropic firms.

Can .sbs be as successful as .cyou and .icu? That, only time will tell!


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