This County’s Sheriff Office changed its domain name

As I go through the various cases related to domain names, I notice one tiny but very positive change. I see a growing number of Government offices now opting for .gov domain names. 

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office was dark for several days. The domain name was unreachable to make necessary changes for the transition to the new domain name The Sheriff’s office can be accessed at the new domain now. 

This is one of a number of such transitions. This shows a pattern in the behavior of Government offices. The stage where having an operating domain name was lauded upon. Mere registering a domain name is not enough. Little intricacies and details related to that also need to be stressed upon. That detail here being, the reliability of a .gov domain name over a .com one. 

Even public offices are emphasizing upon the importance of security, reliability and trustworthiness of their domain names. This is a really encouraging change to witness!


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