This country earns One-tenth of her GDP because of her ccTLD


As of 17/07/2021

How much can be the importance of a ccTLD? Obviously, it indicates the nationality of a firm and is often used to cater to the home crowd. But how much can a ccTLD affect the whole economics of a country? 

Very much, is the answer when it comes to the island nation of Tuvalu. The pacific nation of coral atolls gets around One-tenth of her GDP because of her ccTLD: .tv

The small country with a population of 11,000 cannot sustain itself with only Agriculture and Fish industry. It’s unique ccTLD hence, comes as a blessing in disguise. 

According to a deal VeriSign pays $5 Million every year for administering .tv domains. The latest GDP figures for the country (2019) stands at $47.3 Million

.tv which can also be used as an abbreviation for Television and is extremely popular. Especially with all the online streaming platforms coming along. In fact Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon, operates on the domain name

So now before underestimating ccTLDs, think of Tuvalu. Or rather of .tv!

By The Wizard

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