This company dropped Dutch reference from name as well as its residence

Royal Dutch Shell Plc announced some major changes in its name as well as its operating country. The company has dropped the term ‘Royal Dutch‘ from its name, which it had kept for more than a century, and from now will be simply called Shell Plc. Along with this the company has also moved its headquarters from Hague to London

The reason behind this move is two fold. Shell is a group of energy and petrochemical companies. The company was forced to split into two to encourage investors as well as to leave the energy sector considering the climate change crisis. In 2020, according to Forbes, the company was the 21st largest company in the world

The company however has decided to move on now. A quick check at the domain name of the company rendered expected results. The company currently operates on the perfect domain name of The company however, also owns the domain name With the latter being redirected to the former.


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