This Assam Company has named its product on Zelenskyy

The World is divided yet again. The crisis in Ukraine has divided the Globe into two poles. Both sides support their cause on different narratives with heavy political leanings, built on it. Amid this a beautiful message of solidarity has been proposed by an Assamese Company.

Aromica Tea Company has launched it’s new strong Assamese black tea. The Company has named the new product in the name of Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The new product has been named ‘Zelenskyy’. 

The director of the Company said that he was inspired a lot by the Ukrainian President’s determination. Zelenskyy knows that the War is nowhere to be over soon and is still fighting. Even when given the choice of evacuation by the US, Zelenskyy refused by saying that he doesn’t need ‘a ride’. 

These characteristics and strong leadership of the Ukrainian head is getting applause all around the World. The company said that these attributes of him have resulted in them naming their strong Assamese black tea on him.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    The product of Aromica Tea Company are really very cool, their packaging is nice and it is really sharing an empowering message related to Zelenskyy. It is really a very nice decision taken by the owner in these hard times. It is an innovative startup for the new generation and society.

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