This $30 Million domain name is now active

As of 10/07/2020

The domain name market went abuzz last year when Block.One acquired the domain name for a whooping $ 30 Million. The blockchain company bought the domain from MicroStrategy, a business analytics and mobility platform, for its new blockchain based social media platform named Voice. As reported by TechStartups, it is the largest domain name only sale.

The much talked about social media platform is now active for readers. The private beta that launched on 4th of July however is not open to all. Only registered and invited users are allowed to engage with it.  In order to join the new social media platform one can send the request to do so. Voice will take requests until the 15th of August.

The domain name Voice has a very powerful inbuilt value in itself perfect for branding. The name leads to billions of results and is a perfect name for a social media platform where people can get their ‘Voice’. Voice is a decentralised reward based platform. With its new venture Block.One aims at locking horns with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. With regular cases of data breaches even with big companies people are skeptical regarding online privacy. It seems like Block.One just might have the right product for everyone here.

You can send your request here.


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