The Rock handed notice from the Olympians over rebranding attempt

XFL was a new professional league started by WWE head Vince McMahon. The league restarted in 2020. However it couldn’t complete its inaugural season due to Covid lockdowns. The league soon filed for bankruptcy. The league was eventually bought by the Rock and his associates just before the auction for $15 million. 

Rock wants to rebrand it and give it a new push. With eyes set on the plan to revive itself in 2023, XFL launched its new logo. However the new logo has brought legal actions against the company from prominent sports persons. Togethxr is a media and commerce company founded by 4 Olympians Sue Bird, Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim and Simone Manuel. Togethxr has issued a Cease and Desist against an alleged copy of their logo. 

A key similarity between the XFL and Togethxr, is the specialized usage of the alphabet ‘x’. This is also the background behind the claims of similarity. Togethxr logo contains ‘x’ written in a way that is similar to two arrows pointing towards the each other. XFL’s new logo contains the same feature. Two arrows pointing towards each other. 

Togethxr’s arrows however are of alternating colors: One is completely White, while the Other is Black with White border. Both the arrows in XFL’S ‘x’ are completely White. 

However, an Instagram post can cause worry for XFL. In a tweet, people from Togethxr compared two Instagram posts from the two companies related to their respective launches. The captions in both of these posts are very similar and one does look influenced by the other. 

This must not be good news for the Rock, who must have already been under tremendous pressure regarding the revival of the falling league.


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