The most valuable Crypto Domain Names

The internet is in a transition between the old to the new. Decentralised Web is the future and it is affecting the skeleton of the internet itself. Traditional domain names are now facing an increasingly growing competition from the Crypto domain names.

Crypto domain names haven’t yet reached the acceptability and brand value that the conventional domain names have achieved, however the attention towards them is growing. This is clearly reflected in the rising prices of these Crypto domain names. 

Here’s a list of the most expensive crypto domain names that have been sold till date. These include:

  1. Sex.Crypto ($726,570)
  2. Own.Crypto ($110,565)
  3. Hodl.Crypto ($96,349)
  4. LiquidGold.Crypto ($63,180)
  5. BitcoinUK.Crypto ($44,226)
  6. Oncology.Crypto ($37,908)
  7. PropertyInsurance.Crypto ($37,118)
  8. Vietnamese.Crypto ($31,590)
  9. EthereumPay.Crypto ($31,590)
  10. Three-Two-One.Crypto ($25,272)

The original list was published on CoinCentral, you can check it here. The figures mentioned here might fluctuate a little, as originally they were traded for Ethereum coins and these values represent the Dollar equivalent of the same at the present time. Ethereum’s value might fluctuate and hence would the price of these domains, as well.

As you can clearly see, the most expensive crypto domain Sex.Crypto sold for close to three-quarter of a million dollars. This is synonymous with the iconic $13 million that bagged in 2013. However, it can also be found that Crypto domain names have a lot of ground to cover before they can give the conventional domain names a competition. For example, the most expensive generic Top-level domain sold as of now is, which was sold for a whopping $30 million in 2019. A margin of 40 times!

In comparison, gTLD names related to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains have fared a lot higher. Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive Crypto related gTLD names.

  1. ($2,000,000)
  2. ($1,000,000)
  3. ($500,000)
  4. ($250,000
  5. ($195,000)
  6. ($130,000)
  7. ($125,000)
  8. ($99,888)
  9. ($79,568)
  10. ($75,000)

The original list was published on The Website Flip, and you can check the full list here

From the comparison, it is evident that Crypto related domain names also have a substantial market base in the conventional domain name space. In fact, more so than the Crypto domain space itself.

However, much of the gap between the new and the old internet is based on the legacy of the old internet. The decentralised webspace is still in the novice stage, despite its fluctuating craze gripping every individual and country alike.

Decentralised space until now has been making headlines mostly on the art based NFT space. The news feeds were filled with crazy prices being offered for digital copies of artworks. However, this Meta supported trend has slowed down to a lot extent.

Now that decentralised space is acquiring a somewhat more professional character, emphasis on domain names has grown substantially. Although the Crypto domain names are behind the conventional domain name as of now, considering their acceleration it might someday may climb faster than the old internet!


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