Texas House candidate questioned over domain name registration

Politics is an open topic of discussion. People are open to presenting their views as different as it might be from the view of others. It gives a feeling of strength in an individual. However these rights shouldn’t be devoid of the associated responsibilities. 

It has been reported that one of the candidates to the Texas House District 91 is being targeted over a domain name registration. It is being claimed that the candidate registered the domain name FindSomeSex.com. This issue might not sound that important in some other state, but in the conservative state of Texas this is a big issue. 

The candidate is now being targeted and ashamed from all spheres as if he has done something blasphemous. His rivals claim attack him as in how could a person indulged in pornography be assigned of drafting laws. This might also degrade the moral of the move. 

However, a question has to be asked as to how the domain name was registered and used. It was indeed the case where the candidate had registered the domain name. But, the domain name was a bulk registration of domain names. People sometimes invest in domain names to get greater profits in the future. 

The candidate claimed that the domain name registration was part of his investment in a series of domain names. Usually when you want to invest in a domain name you could also get a bunch of popular domain names with several offers along with it. A newbie domain investor just buys the bunch for its popularity, without looking at each individual domain name specifically. This could also have been the case with the candidate. 

He could have registered the domain name in the same way. The candidate never actually used the domain name. The situation became of concern as the candidate was earlier deployed in Afghanistan and had returned from there. He was not in the best of emotional as well as financial state. Investing in domain names was perhaps the best way to tackle the later part of his problem at least. 

Investing in domain names is a legitimate business. As has also been pointed out on several international forums including World Intellectual Property Organization. Cornering, targeting and shaming the legitimate financial decision of a former war veteran to better his living conditions is not right in any way. The only reason this was brought up was to denigrate the image of candidates in front of religious sensitive people and carve out political benefits in the endeavor. 

While exercising the right to speech, adequate responsibilities should be maintained. Otherwise, improper, excessive and degrading use of the right would hurt the basic principles of the ideology these rights were structured upon. 


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