Texas county drops ‘us’ from their domain name

Texas has recently been at the center of US politics. The step to prohibit abortion has came in a conflict with the White House. News has been that President Biden might approach the Supreme Court regarding this pro life step

Amid this another development was seen. Gregg County is a county in the Eastern Texas. A report by Longview News-Journal, has stated that the county is going to change its domain name. The noticeable change has been the dropping of the term ‘us from the domain name. 

The county previously has been operating on the domain name co.gregg.tx.us. However the county has now transitioned to a new domain name of greggcounty.texas.gov. texas.gov is the signature domain name of the Texas Government. However the users don’t need to worry as the county has both the domain names with the previous redirecting to the latter

Texas has always maintained its unique individuality in the American federation. The southern conservative state has always had its mild difference from the liberal federal government. Hoping that this domain name change is just an isolated step, and not pointing to a larger issue.


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