Tesla buys CybrTrk.com

The long wait for Tesla’s all-electric battery-powered light commercial vehicle Tesla Cybrtrk is over. Tesla is going to unveil the model on the 21st of November.

Ahead of the unveiling, Tesla registered the names “Cybertruck” and “Cybrtrk”. It also registered the domain cybrtrk.com which now redirects to Tesla’s website. Quite surprisingly, they didn’t choose the name CybrTrck, which is the true non-vowel version.

Tesla Cybrtrk has been a long wait, with fan designers suggesting the futuristic designs of Cyberpunk and Blade Runner. Elon Musk, the Global entrepreneur and disruptor is a man with a mission and is leaving no stone unturned.

Kimbal Musk stated beforehand that it would be the most exciting product since the introduction of the Tesla Model S.


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