Tax company fails to secure 3-lettered domain name

Domain Names are like acronyms. The shorter, the better. A short domain name could have multiple scope usages. This is the reason why short domains have such prices. It is thus, quite likely that such domain names would be upon contention.

The domain name  was under contention in the Forum. The Complainant was Property Tax Partners, LP, LLP. The Complainant provides property tax management, governmental relations and legal services. The Complainant had relevant services marks registered in November 2020. The Complainant also claims that, it had been operating business related to that mark since 2006.

The domain name was first registered in 1995 followed by the Respondent’s registration of the same in 1998. The Respondent claims the usage of the domain name, in his back-end operations, related to his systems engineering profession. The Respondent also claimed that PTP was not a unique acronym.

The Panel noted that although it finds no credible evidence of use by the Respondent, the Complainant has also not given enough evidence to prove Bad Faith in the registration of the said domain name. The burden of this proof lands on the Complainant and having to failed to do, the panel denies Bad Faith registration.

The Complaint was denied.

You can read the full case in detail here.


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