Tapbit and SPACE ID Partnership: Revolutionizing the Domain Name Industry

In a strategic move that is set to reshape the landscape of the domain name industry, cryptocurrency trading platform Tapbit and blockchain technology company SPACE ID have joined forces. This collaboration aims to provide users with enhanced security, convenience, and a seamless experience in identity verification and asset management. Both Tapbit and SPACE ID bring unique strengths to the table, and their partnership holds significant potential for innovation and growth in the crypto asset management space.

The Power of Domain Integration

Domain integration is a critical component of crypto identity verification and asset management. Recognizing this, Tapbit has partnered with SPACE ID to offer comprehensive support for SPACE ID domains, including the integration of .bnb domains. This integration allows Tapbit users to leverage the benefits of SPACE ID’s universal name service network, streamlining their access to and management of Web3 domains. By embracing domain integration, Tapbit demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of the evolving crypto industry.

SPACE ID: Empowering Web3 Domains and Identity

SPACE ID is a pioneering company building a one-stop identity platform and a universal name service network. Their innovative infrastructure empowers users to discover, register, trade, and manage Web3 domains seamlessly. With a multi-chain name service and a unified SDK, SPACE ID simplifies the integration of Web3 name services, saving developers time and reducing compatibility issues. This collaboration marks SPACE ID’s entrance into the domain name industry, expanding its reach and offering a holistic solution for individuals and businesses looking to establish their presence in the Web3 world.

Synergies and Benefits

The partnership between Tapbit and SPACE ID brings forth a host of synergistic benefits for both entities and their respective user bases.

Enhanced Security and Trust: By integrating SPACE ID domains into the Tapbit platform, users gain an added layer of security and trust. The universal name service network provided by SPACE ID ensures that users can authenticate their identities reliably, mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities and unauthorized access.

Convenience and Streamlined Management: SPACE ID’s one-stop identity platform and Tapbit’s robust trading and management services create a harmonious ecosystem. Users can seamlessly manage their SPACE ID domains within the Tapbit platform, simplifying their asset management and enhancing user experience.

Increased Market Presence: The collaboration expands the market presence for both Tapbit and SPACE ID. Tapbit, already a prominent player in the cryptocurrency trading industry, gains a competitive edge by offering domain integration services. SPACE ID, on the other hand, taps into Tapbit’s extensive user base, exposing its offerings to a broader audience.

Short-Term Impact on the Domain Name Industry

The partnership between Tapbit and SPACE ID is poised to make immediate waves in the domain name industry. With Tapbit’s established reputation and user base, the integration of SPACE ID domains will garner attention from crypto enthusiasts, investors, and businesses seeking a more secure and convenient identity verification process. As users embrace this seamless integration, it will act as a catalyst for broader adoption of Web3 domains and a shift towards decentralized identity management solutions.

Long-Term Transformation

Looking ahead, the partnership between Tapbit and SPACE ID has the potential to transform the domain name industry in significant ways.

Emergence of New TLDs: SPACE ID’s multi-chain name service will encourage the creation of new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) that align with the Web3 ecosystem. These TLDs will cater to evolving user needs and offer a vast array of naming options, fostering innovation and individuality in the digital space.

Standardization and Integration: As Tapbit and SPACE ID forge ahead, the collaboration will contribute to the standardization of domain integration practices across the crypto industry. This will streamline the integration process for future partnerships and allow for seamless interoperability between different blockchain protocols.

Broader Blockchain Adoption: The partnership will raise awareness about the potential of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies. As users become more familiar with the benefits of blockchain-based domain integration, it will pave the way for increased adoption of blockchain solutions in various industries, including finance, supply chain, and identity management.

The partnership between Tapbit and SPACE ID marks a significant milestone in the domain name industry and crypto asset management space. By combining their respective strengths, both entities aim to provide users with enhanced security, convenience, and a seamless experience in managing their Web3 domains. In the short term, the collaboration will attract attention and foster broader adoption of Web3 domains. Looking ahead, the partnership has the potential to transform the industry, leading to the emergence of new TLDs, standardization of integration practices, and broader blockchain adoption across various sectors. As Tapbit and SPACE ID continue to innovate and push boundaries, the domain name industry will witness an exciting and transformative journey towards a decentralized and secure digital future.


  1. Richard Wilson Avatar
    Richard Wilson

    With Tapbit’s advanced blockchain technology and Space ID’s expertise in digital identity management, this partnership is set to redefine how we interact with domain names, paving the way for a more efficient and user-friendly internet landscape.

  2. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    The partnership between Tapbit and Space ID has the potential to revolutionize the domain name industry. By combining blockchain technology and domain management expertise, they aim to enhance security, transparency, and efficiency. This collaboration could transform domain registration and management processes, offering improved control and ownership for users. Stakeholders should closely follow this partnership’s progress as it has global implications for digital infrastructure.

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