Nigeria’s IT Development Agency’s green flag to .ng adoption policy


In a previous post we talked about the Nigerian Government’s new policy on the Government adoption of .ng  domain names. The Government had announced that all Government officials in the Country would have to use domain names and emails that belong to  .ng domain names. No third party domain names and email Ids would be used for official communication in Government offices. ...

.ng domains gain slightly amid discounts

In a previous post we talked about the fall in the number of .ng domains. We also talked about how Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) had announced huge price cuts on .ng domains. It appears that the efforts of NiRA have bore results.  NiRA has released their latest figures, for the performance of .ng in the month of February. The net registrations for .ng increased from 178,079 in...

Major price cuts in .ng domains


There is going to be huge cuts in the price of .ng domain names. The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has announced that the prices of .ng domain names would be reduced by a whooping 40% from now on. This drop in the price of the ccTLD of Nigeria, was a result of the assessment of its growth trajectory over the past two years. The President of NiRA announced this in Lagos. The...

ICANN’s new root servers to boost internet connectivity in Africa


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is going to install two new root servers in Africa. One is going to be established in Kenya, while the other partner is still to be decided. This move is going to help a huge and fastly growing population of internet users in the continent. This brings in hope as it being the first-of-its-kind step. Root Server installation helps in...

Nigeria imposes restrictions on email Ids used by Government Officials


The Nigerian Government has taken a very unique and bold action against the email Ids used by Government officials. Popular platforms like Gmail.com, Yahoo.com and Hotmail.com are popular in Nigeria and so with the Government officials. The Nigerian Government has decided to completely ban such email ids, which includes the domain name of popular companies. Government has decided this based on...

Great discounts on .ng domain name


Web4Africa, an ICANN-accredited registrar of domain names, is giving huge discounts on the second and third level .ng domain names. .ng is the ccTLD of Nigeria.  As reported by Tech.africa, the West African registrar is giving huge discounts. The discounts include a 57% discount on .ng domain name, 24% discount on .com.ng, .org.ng, .sch.ng, .net.ng and .mobi.ng. There is another humongous...

Leading Nigerian stockbroker SHIFTs to a new domain name


A leading Nigerian stock brokerage firm PSL Capital Limited has shifted its name as well as the operational domain name to a new one. The company would henceforth be known as Parthian Securities Limited.  The company has been functioning on the domain name PSLCapitalNG.com. However, the company, along with the name, would shift to the new domain name ParthianSecuritiesNG.com. The...

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