Nigeria’s .ng Domain Name Usage Surges, Setting New Records

Nigeria‘s digital landscape has witnessed an exhilarating surge in the usage of the country’s domain name, .ng. In an extraordinary growth pattern spanning nine consecutive months, the number of .ng domain name registrations, renewals, and restorations reached an all-time high of 193,085 in May this year. 

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), entrusted with managing Nigeria’s country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), has been instrumental in fostering this remarkable progress. The rise in .ng domain name adoption reflects a growing understanding among Nigerians of the significance of this unique digital identity in promoting online transactions and communications. With the nation’s digital economy on the rise, NiRA continues to spearhead campaigns to encourage the wider populace to embrace the .ng domain name.

Steady Growth: A Remarkable Trend

Since June 2022, Nigeria’s .ng domain name registrations, renewals, and restorations have showcased an unyielding trajectory, indicative of the nation’s digital transformation. The figures steadily climbed from 178,813 in June last year to 193,085 in May this year. The consistent growth highlights the increasing recognition among individuals and businesses alike of the value inherent in associating themselves with the .ng domain name. Nigeria’s digital space has evolved into a vibrant ecosystem, fostering the growth of a robust online community.

Establishing Nigeria’s Digital Identity

The .ng domain name serves as Nigeria’s digital identity, distinguishing the nation in cyberspace. Every official email originating from Nigeria bears the .ng suffix, symbolizing its authenticity and origin. In the United Kingdom, official email addresses conclude with, while in the United States of America, .com signifies credibility. Similarly, in South Africa, official email addresses bear the extension. Nigeria’s embrace of the .ng domain name showcases its commitment to asserting its digital sovereignty and aligning with global best practices.

NiRA’s Drive to Popularize .ng Domain Name

NiRA has been at the forefront of multiple initiatives aimed at sensitizing Nigerians about the importance of adopting the .ng domain name. The organization has conducted extensive campaigns, promoting the use of .ng as a means to bolster Nigeria’s digital economy. The efforts have been met with tremendous success, as evidenced by the exponential growth in the number of active .ng domain name users.

Partnership with LCCI: Expanding the Reach

Recently, NiRA entered into a promising partnership with the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity to further amplify the benefits of the .ng domain name within the business community. By leveraging the .ng domain, Nigerian businesses can establish a strong online presence, instill trust among consumers, and enhance their global competitiveness. The LCCI partnership serves as a testament to the growing recognition of the pivotal role played by the .ng domain name in facilitating digital growth and transformation.

Empowering Registrars: Technical Excellence

To ensure that registrars of .ng domain names are equipped with the latest technical knowledge and skills, NiRA organized a highly successful virtual technical training session. Over 60 accredited registrars participated in this comprehensive training program, led by seasoned facilitators. The training covered a wide range of topics, empowering registrars with the necessary tools to excel in their roles. By nurturing technical excellence, NiRA is fostering a skilled and proficient registrar community that can efficiently manage the growing demand for .ng domain name services.

Nigeria’s remarkable journey with the .ng domain name continues to gain momentum, with a surge in registrations, renewals, and restorations setting new records month after month. The nation’s digital landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, marked by unprecedented growth and a heightened understanding of the importance of the .ng domain name. As Nigeria asserts its digital identity on the global stage, NiRA remains steadfast in its mission to educate and encourage Nigerians to embrace the .ng domain name. With strategic partnerships, such as the recent collaboration with the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and initiatives to empower registrars through technical training, NiRA is paving the way for a thriving digital ecosystem in Nigeria. The future holds tremendous potential as more individuals and businesses recognize the power of the .ng domain name in driving Nigeria’s digital economy forward.


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