Nigeria’s .ng Domain names Soar: A Digital Evolution Unleashed

In July 2023, Nigeria’s digital landscape witnessed a noteworthy milestone as the adoption of .ng domain names surged to an impressive 198,294, according to statistics released by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA). This remarkable growth, reflecting a steady increase over the past year, underscores the rising importance of .ng domains in Nigeria’s online ecosystem.

NiRA, the guardian of Nigeria’s country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), has been instrumental in steering this growth, fostering strategic partnerships with corporate organizations to promote the use of .ng domain names. The statistics reveal a continuous upward trajectory in the adoption rate, from 193,085 in May to 198,294 in July 2023.

A Year of Steady Progress

The journey to this milestone began in July 2022, with 180,162 .ng domain registrations. Over the following months, the adoption rate continued to climb. By September 2022, it reached 181,275, and from October to November, it ascended to 183,169. December 2022 marked another significant leap, with 183,792 registrations. This upward trend persisted, with numbers soaring to 184,425 in January 2023 and 189,158 in March of the same year.

The momentum carried through to May 2023, with 193,085 registrations, and further growth in June, totaling 195,098. Finally, in July 2023, the figure peaked at 198,294. These statistics not only demonstrate consistent growth but also reflect the increasing recognition of the importance of .ng domains in Nigeria’s online identity.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Delving into the data, we find that registration alone accounted for 7,777 in May, dipping slightly to 7,589 in June, before rebounding to 8,308 in July 2023. Renewals of .ng domain names followed a similar trajectory, with 5,252 renewals in May, 5,254 in June, and a total of 5,403 in July. The restoration of .ng domain names also played a role, with 163 in May, a decrease to 129 in June, and the same number in July 2023.

Nigeria’s Digital Identity

The .ng domain is more than just an address; it represents Nigeria’s digital identity on the global stage. Just as official email addresses in the United Kingdom end with and in the United States of America end with .com, Nigeria’s official online presence concludes with .ng. This ccTLD is a symbol of Nigeria’s commitment to advancing its digital economy and ensuring a distinct online identity.

NiRA’s Strategic Collaborations

The President of NiRA, Mr. Adesola Akinsanya, attributes this remarkable growth to strategic collaborations between NiRA and corporate organizations. These partnerships aim to popularize .ng domain names and enhance Nigeria’s digital presence. Akinsanya underscores that Nigerians are increasingly recognizing the importance of .ng domains for online transactions and communication.

NiRA’s Role in Advancing Nigeria’s Digital Economy

NiRA’s core objective is to drive Nigeria’s digital economy forward using the .ng domain name. They have taken proactive steps to educate and engage Nigerians on the significance of adopting .ng domains. Initiatives like participation in the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) ICTEL EXPO 2023 and collaboration with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) highlight NiRA’s commitment to fostering a digitally enriched future.

The Future of .ng Domains

In the digital age, a strong online presence is paramount. The surge in .ng domain adoption reflects Nigeria’s growing awareness of the value these domains bring to businesses, startups, and individuals. As NiRA continues to forge strategic partnerships and promote .ng domains, Nigeria’s digital landscape is set to thrive, connecting businesses with their target audiences and driving the nation’s digital economy to new heights. The .ng domain is not just a web address; it’s a symbol of Nigeria’s online identity and its bright digital future.



  1. The surge in ng domain names in Nigeria is a testament to the country’s digital evolution. With support from NIRA, the growth of these domains highlights the increasing significance of Nigeria’s online ecosystem. This upward trend reflects the successful partnerships and efforts made to promote the use of ng domain names.

  2. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    This surge in .NG domain names is not just about a digital evolution; it’s a reflection of the incredible entrepreneurial spirit in Nigeria. It’s about individuals and businesses taking their presence online, expanding their reach, and contributing to the country’s digital economy. This trend highlights the vast potential for innovation and growth in Nigeria’s tech sector, and it’s something to be celebrated!

  3. John Will Avatar

    This is a promising development for Nigeria’s digital landscape. As more businesses and individuals embrace .ng domains, it signifies a growing recognition of the importance of a strong online presence. NiRA’s efforts in forging strategic partnerships and promoting these domains are sure to contribute to the nation’s digital economy and connect businesses with their audiences effectively. The .ng domain is not just an address; it represents Nigeria’s digital identity and holds the potential to shape a bright digital future for the country.

  4. Gurbani Kaur Avatar
    Gurbani Kaur

    The advent of technology and the power of internet urges businesses to have a strong online presence. Finally, Nigerian businesses have hopped on the bandwagon to experience the magic of digital ecosystem. This is crucial for holistic development of entrepreneurial pursuits and building credibility.

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